How co-curricular activities are beneficial?

Co-curricular activities help the students to work on the other characteristics of their personality. Various activities make them more intelligent and nourish them with essential skills to survive in the real world. Apart from all the bonuses of co-curricular activities, one major advantage is that students get to forget the mental pressure of achieving big in academics. Instead, these activities help them to concentrate more on academics. Not all of the students are good at academics, some of them may have a talent for something else. Hence, co-curricular activities help them realise their abilities so they excel in that area.

Co-curricular activities at NPS

We at the New Public School believe that all of the students got their gift for something and the school gives them the appropriate atmosphere to realise that blessing. Our motto at the school is to give the students comprehensive schooling that goes beyond academics. Hence, they get equipped with additional skills to compete with the world outside. We at the New Public School take co-curricular activities as serious as academics and we have qualified instructors for those activities. Some of our students got training from the qualified staff at the school and now they are making big strides in that respective area. Some of our students have become sportspersons and they are making the nation proud on a global scale.

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