RIMC Preparation guide

RIMC Entrance Preparation Guide

How many of you have dreamt about serving the Indian military for a lifetime? Not many possess the courage to pursue a career in serving the nation. But those who have the guts to do it, for them there are various options to enter the military services. The Indian military force is considered to be the most prestigious and disciplined force in the world. That’s why more and more students plan on joining it. 

Most educationists suggest joining military schools in the early grades only to make the future process smooth. Furthermore, military services require a lot of passion, zeal, and determination which can only be instilled in the early ages of life. RIMC (Rashtriya Indian Medical College), Dehradun is the most reputed and prestigious institution in India popular for preparing students for military services. However, cracking the entrance exam for RIMC can be challenging. But who said it is impossible?

Let’s dive into the details about the exam and how to prepare so that you can crack it. 

What is the RIMC entrance exam?

RIMC entrance exam is the examination through which the eligible students can get admission after the due procedure of selection in RIMC to study for military services. It is a tough exam that is why it needs string preparation with sufficient material and syllabus. It is better to know about the examination details well in advance to avoid hassle during the preparation. Following are few significant details that can help you in sailing through the entrance exam:

  • Exam pattern – 

There are a total 3 papers in the written part of the examination, namely:

  1. English written Paper – 125
  2. Mathematics written Paper – 200
  3. General Knowledge written Paper – 75

There is an interview for 50 marks conducted once the student has cleared the written exam. Candidates can answer either in Hindi or in English for Mathematics and General Knowledge papers.

  • Minimum passing marks – 

Each paper including an interview after the written exam will be 50%. And if the candidate fails to secure 50% marks in any paper he will be declared ineligible for admission.

  • Viva Voce – 

The date, venue for an interview will be intimated to the candidates by respective State once they have cleared the written exam by scoring above 50%. Usually, the intelligence and personality of the candidates are tested in the interview.

  • Medical Examination – 

After the viva voce, the candidates finally selected have to undergo a medical examination at selected Military Hospitals. The candidates who are found medically fit are considered for selection and admission to the RIMC. Final admission is said to be done only once the Government has issued the notice regarding the same to the candidates.

The eligibility criterion for RIMC

It is very necessary to check the criteria for the RIMC exam. Most often, it happens that candidates fill the form without checking the criteria which creates problems for them during the exam. The following students shall be eligible to appear and apply for RIMC entrance:

  • Only boys are eligible to apply for admission to the RIMC Dehradun. 
  • The candidate should either be studying in Class 7th or passed Class 7th from any recognized school.
  • Candidates (boys only) appearing for the entrance exam should not be less than 11.5 years in age but should not have attained the age of 13 years.

Few schools in India prepare students for the entrance exams for Navy and military services. The New Public School, Chandigarh is one amongst them. They prepare students to appear for such entrance exams with boarding and coaching facilities. Now let’s discuss how to prepare well for the exam so that you can crack it. 

How to prepare for the exam?

RIMC Entrance Examination is an exam that is conducted semi-annually. It is an Institution that falls under Category A establishment of the Indian Defense. The purpose of the examination is to train and motivate Indian boys for entry to the Defence Services. It is a well-known fact that the syllabus and exam paper is lengthy and difficult. 

Students need such schools which can prepare them well for the entrance exam. The New Public School in Chandigarh provides all the mentoring and examination training for RIMC coaching with schooling required to crack the entrance. With well-built laboratories, libraries, and computer labs, it provides intrinsic and extrinsic learning to the students preparing for defense services. 

Here are some of the preparation tips that can help the students to crack the RIMC entrance exam:

  • Make a proper schedule 

A proper plan or timetable helps the students to assess how much they have studied and how much is remaining. Students can also keep a track of time. Efficient schedule management can lead to better exam results. Don’t waste time on solving irrelevant questions. It is better to move towards the next. 

  • Enhance technical and academic knowledge

One needs to be aware of all the technical and academic knowledge. It comes in handy not just in the written exams but also in the interview later. Knowledge never goes in vain. Collect as much knowledge as you can from different sources. Be aware of your surroundings. 

  • Learn to make notes

Making notes is a very efficient habit. Noting down what you have studied helps you to memorize subjects and concepts better, for a longer period. It is important to make notes in your own language, notes are what you have understood not what your teachers have taught. 

  • Focus on oratory skills

Why do you ask? Oratory skills enhance communication. If you have bookish knowledge, you can certainly clear the written exam. But you will be caught in the interview. The interviewer not only checks your knowledge but also your personality. That is why it is important to enhance vocabulary and improve your oratory skills. 

  • Take as many mock tests as you can

Practice makes a man perfect. Mock tests are the best way to check how much you have learned and how much is left. One can easily assess their strengths and weaknesses in the exam by preparing for mock tests. They act as a reality check for students. 

  • Solve previous year papers

Previous year papers give students a purview of how the question paper will be. It will also help them to know the exam pattern, marks distribution, and length of the paper. Since the time given is limited to solving the paper, solving papers will help to know the time management as well. 

  • Be aware of current affairs

General knowledge mostly consists of current affairs. During the personal interview and group discussions, many questions can be put up regarding current affairs. Since RIMC starts schooling from Class 8th, the students must be aware of what is going on in the world. Reading newspapers, watching news channels, and updating knowledge about gadgets can be extremely helpful. 

How schools and coaching centers can help?

Preparation for the RIMC entrance examination will not be easy. It will require proper teaching and guidance from experts. Some coaching centers provide coaching for RIMC entrance but the students get caught between coaching and schooling. It is better to opt for schools that provide schooling as well as coaching for RIMC and other defense services. The New Public School is a boarding school in Chandigarh that fulfills the requirements for the students. 

Along with military services, they also prepare the students for other exams like SSB, and TES. One can stay in a hostel and study throughout the year to check the RIMC entrance exam.  There are only a few schools in Chandigarh with the hostel providing coaching for defense and military colleges and schools and it is one amongst the best.

So get set, ready, and go for the examination. You will crack the exam easily if you prepare well. 

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