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(Session 2024-25)

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The New Public School is a learning haven for young kids and is one of the best places to enroll your kid in City Beautiful. The preschool has a beautiful infrastructure and provides a unique learning atmosphere for the kids. It has spacious classrooms where kids can fully express themselves and learn in the most comfortable environment.

The New Public School aims to nurture future leaders by developing their enthusiasm for learning and guiding them to their natural curiosities. It is a place where the kids learn about their abilities, interacting with other children to learn and grow.

Our goal is to provide a safe and conducive learning experience so that the kids are ready for the upcoming learning challenges without interfering with their natural ability to seek adventure and fun. 

The New Public School has been in the city for some time, and we’ve nurtured hundreds of gifted kids over the years. The school offers a distinguished learning infrastructure, and you can trust that your child will be in a good learning space with us.

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Why The New Public School

Chandigarh is an educational hub with many excellent preschool options available. However, The New Public School is still one of your best choices for good reasons.

We are not only one of the most recognised Preschools in the area, and we offer a great learning experience to your child.

The New Public School has excellent infrastructure and spacious, well-equipped classrooms for kids to learn. The open playing areas are equally well-designed and provide a safe environment for kids to enjoy.

Our teaching staff are experts at what they do, and their approaches are based on encouraging children to express themselves fully and without any worries. Kids explore using modern teaching play equipment and methods, and the audio-visual learning material helps kids learn in a fun immersive way.

The New Public School is a home away from home for kids, where they can feel comfortable expressing themselves and learn in the company of companions and caring educators.

We offer the best to our children, and we welcome parents to be involved and remain with us in the kid’s learning adventure.

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What The New Public School Offers

Firstly, we provide a conducive environment for the children to learn. We have the proper infrastructure and dedicate, and caring teachers involved in educating kids in all aspects. The focus is on the holistic development of the child by working on their:

a.) Creative Expression – Creativity is something all kids have, and many educational activities such as art and craft, singing and dancing, storytelling and so on, focus on strengthening the creative expression of the kids in an encouraging environment.

b.) Cognitive Development – Cognitive development involves acquiring, organising, and learning to use education, and with carefully designed activities, the kids develop cognition as part of their education.

c.) Language Learning – Language learning is a big part of the curriculum, and kids learn to express themselves and understand others using language. Kids learn through games, puzzles, and other fun activities to develop language skills.

d.) Social Emotional Learning – Kids need to understand their emotions and that of others to develop positive social connections. Our educational activities encourage personal awareness and social-emotional learning, helping kids build self-esteem, work in groups, and cope with their emotions positively.

e.) Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development – Through various activities, the child’s ability to make large and fine movements using the body. Through activities like running, jumping, skipping, gross motors skills get better, while activities like weaving, picking up small objects, drawing writing develop fine motor skills.

Our educational practices focus on the holistic development of a child, instilling good moral values and critical thinking in them, and giving them the tools to become independent and socially responsible.

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Admission Process

The admission process for enrolling kids in The New Public School is simple. Parents can fill-up the form, which is available online and offline, and submit it for review. The school principal will then review the application and based on seat availability and other important factors, will decide.

Fee Structure

To know about the fee structure for Pre-Nursery, Nursery, LKG and UKG classes, Please get in touch with school

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  • For admission to the pre-nursery, kids should be two years of age or older.
  • For Admission to the Nursery, kids should be at least three years of age or older.
  • For admission to the KG, kids should be at least four years of age or older.
  • Parents must produce the birth certificate of the child from a competent authority.
  • Parents must also submit two passport-size photos and a photocopy of the child’s Aadhar card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Why should I choose The New Public School for my kid?

A- The New Public School is an established preschool in Chandigarh. It has the proper infrastructure and experienced teachers who leverage the best teaching methods and take on the responsibility of educating your child to become an independent, socially responsible adult. 

Q- What do I need to do to enroll my child into KG?

A- You must fill out the admission form before the last date and submit it for review. The admission form is available online and offline. The principal will then review it and decide how to proceed.

Q- What is the school curriculum?

A- The curriculum involves learning through various fun activities and aims to develop children mentally, physically and emotionally to express themselves and communicate with other kids. The curriculum includes language learning, cognitive development, creative expression, social and emotional learning, and more through interactive, play-oriented teaching methods.

Q- What are the documents required for admission?

A- You need to bring the child’s birth- certificate (authorised by a competent entity), two passport-sized photos, and a photocopy of his/her Aadhaar card.

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