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The Digital Transition – Online Classes at The New Public School, Chandigarh

As it is apparent that the world is going through a pandemic and schools have been shut for almost a year. Schools waited till now thinking that the situation will get better and the school will be opening soon, but as we can see the odds of opening schools are quite thin for the coming months. Because of this unfortunate scenario, the future of our students cannot be put at stake, at the same time lives of students cannot be risked by opening schools. 

Therefore, the central and state governments have decided that the physical attendance of any student is not mandatory for the academic session of 2021-22. Orders issued by the government and the schools were told that the teaching and learning activities may be initiated for all the students through the digital mode of education for this academic session. 

Various schools in Chandigarh have commenced the classes through the digital medium. It is the best way to keep the learnings going in the existing circumstances. Without going out, students will be able to put up with their lessons. 

Since the COVID pandemic, normal lifestyle has come to a halt across the globe, and the virtual world has become a new normal. Amongst everything schools have also switched to the virtual world keeping the motto of learning must go on. Educational institutions around the world are doing everything to deliver the best feasible education to students. The Digital model of education has come to the rescue and provides schooling from pre-primary to university level. 

Learning in covid time has changed completely. Online education has appeared as a substitute for conventional face to face lectures. Various private and government organisations are trying their best to assist the students to keep the learning going on. There are different online platforms and apps to help the students do it without getting out of the comfort of their houses. 

Online Classes At The New Public School

At The New Public School, we are also keeping the essence alive of learning must go on. We are not taking any risk with the lives of our beloved students and still, we are trying our best to provide quality education. We know how crucial education is for the future of our students, and under no circumstances we will let our students down. 

Hence, we have also shifted our learning programs to the virtual world, and to make the transition as (-creamy) smooth as possible we have taken some measures. Recently, our administration has organised various counselling sessions for teachers, students, and parents as well. We are training and motivating our teachers so they can bestow the students with their knowledge.

Our goal at the New Public School is to procure customised teaching-learning material suitable for online classes and we are constantly making efforts to make that possible. 

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Benefits to Taking Online Classes With Us

Yes, there is no doubt that the virtual medium of education has been a boon in these hard times.

However, there are various challenges of taking online classes such as: 

Sometimes there is a connectivity issue and the student may not be able to take the class. There are many numbers of students in one class and all of the students may not get the full attention of the teacher. How do students clear their doubts while the lecture is going on? 

We, at The New Public School, overcome these challenges to make it more accessible for the students. Here’s how – 

  • We record all our online lectures so the students can get access to the lecture anytime they want. 
  • We also provide the facility of one on one interactions where an educator will take classes of individual students. 
  • We use an advance platform by MicroSoft to teach our students online, with features like, whenever the students have any question they can just raise their hands and the questions will be answered by their teachers and more

More Features of MS teams

  1. Online assignments.
  2. Live interaction.
  3. Real time updates.
  4. Auto generation of attendance.
  5. Raise hand’ feature for student’s active participation.
  6. Live screen sharing.
  7. Parental control.
  8. Online quiz.

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