Importance of National Service Scheme (NSS)

The motto of NSS is ‘Not Me But You’, which encourages the desire for selfless assistance. The National Service Scheme is not only beneficial to students but also to society.  By enrolling in NSS students thrive individually and also recognise the value of community. NSS teaches the students to give society what they learn through their education. NSS helps the students to be positive, hone their management capabilities, and gain an understanding of people from distinct parts of society. Volunteers of NSS get to work in secluded areas of the country and dissipate awareness of numerous programs. By doing all of these things students understand the significance of living in harmony and help in building the nation.

NSS at the New Public School

We at the school also follow the motto of NSS of ‘Not Me But Thou’. As an educational institute, we, at the New Public School acknowledge that we must play our part to give more motivated and conscious citizens to the country. Our purpose at the school is that every student not only outshines academics but also be a more ethical youth. The overall growth of the students is essential to compete with the world. Any student can be the next future leader. The school conducts various activities to instil all of the values in the students such as:

Routine activities

  • Campus cleaning
  • Planting trees
  • Playing games
  • Inter-School camps to exchange ideas
  • Conducting numerous seminars on different themes 
  • Fundraising activities for several issues
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