NDA With Schooling in Chandigarh In Association With Impact

We provide our students the atmosphere of defence institution with a defence academy like disciplined schedule from morning till evening.

The New Public School’s NDA preparation course for +1 and +2 is an excellent benefit to students who want to pursue a career in defence from India’s top-most Defence Academy, the NDA, among others. A true NDA with Schooling experience.

The course gives students the extra edge and imparts the sense of challenges that lie ahead for a career in defence. It is a preparation program and doesn’t interfere with regular studies. Highly experienced faculty at The New Public School makes the curriculum engaging and productive and enriches the knowledge, skills, and confidence of the NDA aspirants. Hostel facilities are available for interested students as well.

National Defence Academy selects the best and brightest candidates from around the country, and The New Public School aims to nurture future defence experts through its well-designed NDA-preparation course for students sitting in the +1 standard.

Designed and taught by highly experienced and dedicated staff. Regular training on the defence-patterns. Highly conductive learning environment with boarding facilities available for students who require accommodation

Chandigarh School Admission

NDA at the New Public School

The New Public School was Chandigarh’s first Public School to be formed in 1960, and since its inception, it has been a well of knowledge and experience to students from all sections of life. School life offers classes taught by some of the best teaching minds, along with extracurriculars, practical lab experience, sports events, and more every academic year.

Facilities for Students

  • A well-designed Campus
  • Spacious classrooms
  • Science and Computer Labs
  • Sports and other extracurricular activities throughout the year
  • Boarding facilities for students.
  • Learning Resource Center
  • Transport facilities

Boarding school for NDA preparation

The New Public School is the best boarding school for NDA preparation. The sprawling school campus is ideal for learning and provides plenty of space for academic and extracurricular pursuits. The focus stays on the holistic development of the child to promote individual expression. Every aspect of a student’s personality is nurtured by the highly experienced and dedicated teaching staff, using their immense knowledge and all the resources offered by School.

Why Choose Our NDA With Schooling Programme

  • One of the best NDA with schooling programs in the country.
  • Designed and taught by highly experienced and dedicated staff.
  • Regular training on the Defense-Patterns.
  • Uncompromised Regular course studies, with an extra edge.
  • The highly conductive learning environment provided by The New Public School.
  • Boarding facilities are available to students who require accommodations.
  • Unique learning experience focusing on holistic development of student minds.


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