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NDA for Women: Career Opportunities and Selection Criterion

National Defence Academy (NDA) entrance exam conducted by UPSC is one of the most reputed national level exams conducted in India. To be part of any wing under defence, a person has to be able to clear the NDA exam. While this exam is regarded so highly, up until 2021 a huge part of the population i.e. women weren’t even able to give his exam. The defence has always been a hugely male-dominated space, and in August 2021, the Supreme Court announced that women can now take this exam from 2021.

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NDA has always provided a great salary, bright future and amazing opportunities to people and for women to be able to receive the same benefits is a great decision and a step in the right direction. In 2021 alone, more than 570,000 applicants applied for the exam and 178,000 of them were women. While women can now apply for this exam it is also necessary to understand the number of openings available for them and the way to apply for all those. But before we do that, let’s see how NDA can be a good decision for women.

Why NDA is such a great career option:

  • Job Security: NDA is considered to be a more secure job when compared to average job options right now. Job security plays a major role in providing satisfaction for the employee and making sure they and their family feel safe.
  • Job Satisfaction: You get a lot of benefits when you apply for this job. The fact that you are working for your country is enough in itself but the benefits don’t stop there. You also get great health care benefits, a pension and a lot of other benefits.
  • Ability to Learn Different Skills: The level of training and skills provided in defence are unmatchable. You get training for leadership development, physical development, character development as well as military development on the job.  
  • Amazing Salary: High salary packages is a huge perk of NDA. The fact that women will be able to receive this from now will be great for their development and independence.

As per the latest notification, 19 vacancies have been allotted towards females in NDA (National Defence Academy) and NA (Naval Academy) recruitment. Let’s see how these vacancies can be filled and how women can go about with them.

How Female candidates Can Get Entry In Defence

Let’s see the different wings under Defence and how women can be selected in the same:

Indian Army

Seats Available for Women: 10 out of 208

How to get Selected:

1. UPSC- If you are between the age of 19-25, you can directly apply for the Indian Army via the examination conducted by UPSC. This exam is held twice in a single year and the criteria includes completion of Graduation/ Post-Graduation under any stream.

2. SSC technical- If you are between the age of 20-27, you can apply via this route. You just need to be a graduate

3. NCC Entry- If you are an NCC female cadet, you can apply via this. If you have 2 years of service experience in the NCC senior division army and at least a B grade in the C certificate exam then you are eligible. Another criterion is to be between the age group of 19-25 years and have a graduation degree with a minimum of 50% marks.

4. JAG- If you have a law degree and are between the age group of 21-27, you can apply for the Judge Advocate General’s department. You will need an LLB/LLM degree with a minimum of 55% aggregate marks and you should be registered with the Bar Council of India.  

Indian Airforce

Seats Available for Women:

2 out of 92 in Flying wing

2 out of 18 in GD Tech

2 out of 10 in GD Non-Tech

How to get Selected:

1. AFCAT- You need to qualify for the AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) exam which is held twice a year. This is a computer-based online exam for selection in the air force and the students selected here are then called for an SSB interview. With the help of this test, you can get an entry into the flying branch (eligibility: age between 19-23 and a bachelor’s degree with Physics and Maths at the 12th level) technical branch (eligibility: age between 18-28) and ground branch (eligibility: 20-23 years of age for graduates and 20-25 years age limit for post-graduates. Whereas the age limit for LLB is between 20-26 years). With this exam, candidates can get entry into aeronautical engineering, education, accounts, administration & logistics departments under the technical and non-technical branches.

2. Non-AFCAT admission- With eligibility criteria of 20-25 years for postgraduates and under 27 years for PhD candidates, people who get selected via this route need to apply for the SSB interview after this. They also need to have a postgraduate degree in Science/Statistics/Mathematics/CS/Geography/Physics/Geo-Physics with a minimum of 50%.

Indian Navy

Under the Indian Navy, women can apply for entries into the executive branch. Under the same, there are multiple departments where women are eligible and if they come under the other eligibility criteria, they can apply for the following positions:

1. SSC Observer- If you are between the age of 19-23 years and have a graduation degree with a minimum of 50% aggregate and Maths & Physics as subjects in the 12th class, you are eligible for this position.

2. SC Law- If you have completed your LLB with a minimum of 55% and are under the age of 27, you can apply for the SC Law department of the Indian Navy.

3. SSC Air Traffic Controller- If you are under the age of 25, with graduation in Science/ M.Sc. stream you can apply for this post.

4. SSC Logistics- This posting requires a B.Tech/B.E. graduation in Computer, IT, Architecture, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Marine Engineering or Graduate with PG Diploma in material management.

Women can also apply for the engineering branch under the Indian Navy if they have a bachelor’s degree in the respective fields. For example, for UES SSC (University Entry Scheme) you need a degree in Naval Architecture/Mechanical/Aeronautical/Civil/ Aerospace engineering and a minimum score of 60%

The other aspect of this new change that needs to be considered is that the NDA also needs to gear themselves to welcome these new women cadets. As per the news, they have already started doing so by updating their infrastructure, building new housing for women, appointing women staff/instructors etc. They are also updating their SSB medical process to include the relevant medical parameters for women. This seems like the correct step in the right direction and should lead to better opportunities for women in this field. 

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