The role of the National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Any student who is interested in the NCC can join it whether in a school or a college. Through NCC students get basic military training. The major role of the NCC to make the students more disciplined, patriotic, and honest citizens. However, the NCC is a voluntary organisation and whoever enlists is not accountable to join the Army. The NCC has a rich legacy and culture. With the help of the NCC, students build a more dynamic personality and also it bestows them a lot of composure. The contribution of the NCC is to propagate national pride and harmony amongst youth.

NCC at the New Public School

The New Public School plays its part in nation-building by producing more aware and responsible citizens. Our motto at the school is to build a force of youth who knows the values of fraternity and unity. Students who are ready to change society with their new perspectives of life. Joining the NCC at the school students not only get physically fit but also get cognitive development. It helps them to work as a committee and take the other people with them. By joining NCC students get to understand how to take care of their physical and mental well being.

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