Neet Preparation from 10th class

How to Prepare for NEET From Class 10

Competition is a part of every competitive exam. In India, students have to clear entrance exams if they want to get into prestigious universities to get an education par excellence. But cracking these entrance exams is not a cakewalk. Considering the population and talent in this country, the competition to get through is also much higher than in other countries. Furthermore, students are passionate and determined to prove their worth and get the best standard of living in the cutthroat competition. 

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If you have dreams of becoming a successful doctor, then there is no other way apart from clearing NEET. However, preparation for NEET comes with its own struggles and pressures. Students have to be well aware of their knowledge and passion, therefore, anxiety and doubts are bound to exist. But many experienced teachers and medical students have suggested starting preparing for NEET from Class 10. 

Since the syllabus for NEET is vast and conceptual, students will require a lot of time for preparation. With NEET registrations rising every year, it is evident that the competition is also bound to rise. Here is a complete guide for you to start preparing for NEET from Class 10 without any hassle.

What is the NEET exam?

Before starting preparing for any national-level entrance exam, it is necessary to know everything about it. NEET, which expands to the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) once every year. It is a one-tier exam that offers admissions to students in several medical courses in Universities all over India. 

Students get to take the exam offline after fulfilling the criteria and submitting all the documents. After scrapping AIIMS and JIPMER entrance exams, the NEET exam has unified all medical-related entrance exams into one national level entrance exam. Since it is an undergraduate exam, students have to do the preparations while completing the school syllabus simultaneously. Hence, it gets very hectic for students to juggle between school and coaching. 

Moreover, it is a highly competitive and difficult exam as it puts the knowledge and technical skills of students to the test. Apart from that, students from all over the country appear for it and the number is constantly rising with every passing year. That is also one of the reasons why students want to start preparations in Class 10. The subjects of Class 10 may not be the core subjects of the NEET exam but starting in Class 10 enables more time for the students to prepare from scratch. 

S.NoParticulars of exam 
1.Duration3 hours
2.Maximum marks720
3. Minimum aggregate for passing50% in all subjects individually
4.Format of QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
5. Marking Scheme4 marks for every correct response1 mark deducted for every incorrect response
6.Total Questions180
7.Dissection of subjectsPhysics – 45 questionsChemistry – 45 questionsBotany – 45 questionsZoology – 45 questions

Eligibility criteria for NEET

The eligibility criteria for the NEET entrance exam is that the candidate must have passed the Class 12 or equivalent exam from a recognized board. Another most important criterion is that he/she must have majors in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as mainstream subjects. Once all of these criteria have been fulfilled, candidates can appear for the exam. If you have decided well in advance that you want to become a doctor, then it is better to start preparing in Class 10 itself. 

Complete guide to enrolling in Class 10

A building can only stand tall if it has a strong foundation. That is why it is advised for students to start NEET preparation in Class 10. Enrolling early allows students to study with clarity, they get sufficient time to clear their doubts, understand the concepts well and reduce exam anxiety. Not just this, students who decide to take coaching for NEET from Class10, create a good conceptual knowledge of subjects which acts as a foundation base in 11th and 12th. Let’s now understand specifically how you can prepare for NEET from Class 10.

  • How can early-enrollment be helpful?

It is not a hidden fact that lakhs of students throughout the country appear for this entrance exam and every student dreams of cracking it to get a reputed medical college. Imagine a ladder, if you put the first step on the ladder correctly, it will facilitate you to climb up the next one easily and then the next one even more easily. 

This is the scenario when you start preparing for NEET early, when your subjects of Class 10 are strong and clear, they will act as a ladder for subjects in Class 11 and similarly for Class 12. Therefore, when you will prepare for NEET, you will already be well aware of the basics, you will just have to work on the advanced skills. 

Furthermore, revision and time management are two prominent elements of preparing for NEET. Starting early will mean efficient management of time, you will have time for studies, recreation, and relaxation. You will not have to panic at the last hour about the revision of the syllabus.

  • Useful preparation tips (by the experts)

Coaching and other educational institutions have experienced teachers who have seen generations of medical students, hence they know the best. They provide an array of knowledge and tips and tricks that will serve you well during the preparation. Here are some of the most sought after useful tips for preparing for the exam:

  • Focus on the basic understanding of concepts and move forward on the advanced level.
  • Clear your doubts as soon as they arise, don’t wait for them to get solved on their own.
  • Make a timetable, create a time slot for every activity and separate subjects, make sure to follow it strictly.
  • Make time for recreation. As much as it is important to focus on studies, it is also important to relax. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.
  • Set up realistic goals, don’t aim for something that you can’t do. Study every concept thoroughly one at a time.
  • Prepare separate notes from coaching and schools just for yourself. Use easy language, diagrams, and abbreviations to remember things.
  • Analyze how much syllabus is covered and how much is left from time to time to know where you stand and how work needs to be done.
  • Solving Question Papers 

Solving question papers has always provided a competitive edge to the students. No matter how well you have studied the concepts and how many times you have done the revision, if you have not solved the question papers, you will still be a level below. 

Many students have anxiety even thinking about the exam, solving question papers weekly can help them to reduce anxiety and fear. It even helps to know what kind of questions will be asked, but the main objective of solving question papers is assessing your knowledge. Students can get a clear understanding of what area or subject they should focus the most on. 

  • Taking Mock Tests

Every coaching institute prepares its students for exams with the help of mock tests. Mock tests are basically similar papers prepared based on the exam pattern and marking schemes to enable the students to appear for the entrance exam. These tests are especially helpful before the exam. 

Many students have admitted that taking the mock tests has helped them a lot during the entrance exam. It became a habit, hence they weren’t confused or afraid while taking the NEET entrance exam. However, it is advised that mock tests must be taken once you have completed the entire syllabus and you are confident about the concepts.

  • Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses

One must always know what he knows best and what he is doubtful of before appearing for the exam. It is also because of the exam pattern. NEET exam involves negative marking which means that with every wrong answer you will lose marks. Therefore, if you know that one subject is your strength but the other is not, you can attempt fewer answers from that section to avoid negative marking. Remember that the NEET exam is not just about conceptual knowledge, it is also about how you play smart with your subjects.

  • Focus on quality than quantity

While preparing for NEET, students must focus on quality rather than quantity. Do not try to study everything and excel in it. You may be very good in one subject but average in another. But to score a good rank in the entrance, focus on the concepts you know well, and keep studying them thoroughly to get a good grasp of them. Sitting for 16 hours to study may not help if you are just rote learning. Pay more attention to understanding and applying the concepts. 

Strategy to be followed in Class 11 and 12

Once you have kickstarted preparations in Class 10, don’t get laid back. Getting a good rank in the NEET entrance exam is about consistency. The amount of dedication required in Class 10 is also required in Class 11 and 12. If you have a good understanding of topics and concepts, know the exam pattern, what are the important topics. Solve NCERT books and questions side by side. Get a deeper understanding of all concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 

Practice and revise as much as you can. NEET exam is a very long road, hence you cannot give up in the middle. If you have started early, that’s great but you also need to reach the finish line with flying colours. All the best!

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