Why is counselling so crucial? 

Educational counselling is an essential part of any school or college. A professional counsellor works as a leader as well as a crew member functioning with the administration, teachers, and other school faculty to help students accomplish. A counsellor helps the teachers and the students to build a healthy relationship so that the school can comprehend the necessities and conditions of the students and fulfil them. Every school has its mission and that can be accomplished through counselling of students and also it helps the school to strengthen discipline. A professional counsellor has to address some of the very common but sensitive issues such as bullying, adolescence, household abuse, conveyance problems, academic stress and much more. 

Counselling at the New Public School 

We, at the New Public School aim at overall development of students and help them in every step of the way. Through counselling, we try to understand our students and deliver assistance in the advancement of their academic plans. The school has a team of highly qualified and professional counsellors to make sure that every student feel comfortable in sharing any sensitive issue with us. Hence, we plan accordingly and handle those matters. Our motto at the school is to create such an environment where all the students can learn and thrive without any hindrance. In the counselling process, we also incorporate the family and keep updating them about the circumstance of the student. 

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