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Career in NDA for female – Yes, women candidates can Take admission to NDA

Choosing a career for oneself is the most crucial decision that one has to make. This decision does not only determine your present lifestyle but future aspirations as well. Most youngsters at this age choose careers that benefit them monetarily and provide job satisfaction. For some, it may be a corporate job while others choose to serve their country, 

National Defence Academy of India is one of the most impossible dreams that students can think of. It is one of the most reputed and esteemed organizations which provide students a gateway to fulfill their dreams. To enter the Army, Navy, and Air Forces seems like a far-fetched dream for young men and women. However, the National Defence Academy has opened several avenues and made it easy for candidates to join the Indian Armed Forces. 

Women have always struggled to find a career path and create a journey for themselves. In a country like India where patriarchy and gender discrimination are prominent, it is nearly impossible for women to even think about serving their country. Most of them are destined to become housewives and serve their husbands and their families. But there are several women who are trying to break the shackles of society and trying to make their dreams come true. 

NDA entrance exam eligibility 2021

  1. Only unmarried male candidates born not earlier than 2nd July 2002 and not later than 1st July 2005 fulfill the eligibility for the NDA exam with the following age limits:
NDA Age LimitAge for Unmarried Male Candidates
Lower Age Limit15.7 years (not earlier than 02nd July 2002)/ 16 years during the commencement of the course
Upper Age Limit18.7 years (not later than 1st July 2005)/ 19 years during the commencement of the course

In a nutshell, candidates should be between the age of 16.5 years and 19.5 years to be eligible for the exam. Females and married male candidates are not eligible to apply for the NDA exam.

Can girls apply for NDA?

Every year, thousands of students apply for the NDA entrance exam, only a few amongst the lot get selected while the rest get ready for the next chance. However, it is a sad truth that even after several arguments and debates, the stance of the Government stands unchanged. Females are not allowed to appear for NDA preparation after the 10th class. So the answer to the question is quite clear, NO, girls cannot apply for the NDA exam. 

Now, an even more important question is Why? Clearly, even after years of development in society and the mindset of people, the stark discrimination in careers on the basis of gender still subsists. There are no admissible provisions currently in the circulars of NDA regarding women aspirants. Girls who want to join the Indian Armed, Navy, and Air Forces will still have to wait for NDA to declare the official eligibility criteria for women. 

Is there a plan in motion?

There has been a burning debate for years about whether or not females should be allowed to appear for the NDA entrance exam. The argument that women are capable of being at the forefront of the country has been prevailing for quite a few years now. In fact, on 10 March 2021, a plea was filed by Kush Kalra, a Delhi based lawyer in the Supreme Court of India seeking to allow women for joint defense entrance exam for NDA and thereafter, exempting women from joining the NDA, solely on the grounds of sex, was a violation of fundamental rights of equality. 

Since UPSC is a constitutional body, it is a matter of great concern that it has neglected the right to equality for so many years. Now that the plan has been in motion, the Supreme Court has been hearing the arguments and it has been hearing the directions to NDA to start categorising the official NDA eligibility for women. The people who have been fighting for so long can now see the light of the day as women become forefront officers. 

Update: Centre told Supreme Court that NDA being prepped for women cadets, exams from the month of May

NDA Career options for girls in India

Opportunities available for female candidates to join NDA

It is known that women are still today not permitted to join NDA. It is indeed a sad reality for young women who are determined to serve their country. Nevertheless, there is always a silver lining around the grey clouds. Here are few opportunities for women in other areas around NDA which may seem amusing to many:

Armed forces

Women can apply for the Armed forces and become officer cadres after the 1992 judgment. The following guidelines have to be followed to enter the Indian Armed Forces:

  1. Entry through UPSC: This is for female candidates between the age of 19 and 25 years. You can appear for the UPSC exam twice a year and any female student with a graduate degree or a postgraduate degree (any stream/branch/discipline) is eligible for the exam.
  2. Entry through NCC (National Cadet Corps): This criterion is only applicable for women between the ages of 19 and 25 years with 2 or more years of service experience in the senior division army of the NCC and a B grade (minimum qualification) in the C certificate exam. Final year candidates who have secured a minimum of 50% score in their undergraduate course are also eligible to apply. 
  3. Entry through SSC Technical: This is for female candidates between the ages of 20 and 27 years. Candidates need to have a graduate or postgraduate degree in any discipline.
  4. Entry through JAG: Candidates with a law degree between the ages of 21 and 27 years are eligible to apply provided he/she has scored an aggregate of at least 55% in their LLB/LLM degree. They must be registered with the Bar Council of the State or India.

Indian Air Force (IAF)

Women candidates can make their career in the Air Forces as well by applying in the available entry schemes. Since becoming a part of the Indian Air Forces is a matter of great achievement, female candidates can choose from the following:

1. Entry through AFCAT – The female candidates can apply for the AFCAT exam which is held twice every year. Once the candidates have cleared the exam, they will be shortlisted for the SSB interview. On clearing these stages the candidates can get into one of the following branches:

  • For flying branch: Female candidates between the ages of 19 and 23 years are eligible but they must meet the following conditions:
    – Graduate from any disciple/branch (with a minimum of 60% marks) but pursued physics and maths during 10+2.
    – B.E/B.Tech graduate from a recognized University in India (with a minimum of 60% marks).
  • For the technical branch: Female candidates between the ages of 18 and 28 years are eligible to apply. They will get entry into either of the aeronautical engineering departments.
  • For ground branches:
    If you are a graduate, then the age limit for application is between 20-23 years and if you are a post-graduate, the age limit is between 20-25 years.
    However, for female candidates with an LLB degree the age limit is between 20 and 26 years, and for candidates with an M.ED/CA/Ph.D, the age limit is 20-27 years. They can ger Administrative/logistics, Accounts, and other educational departments.
  • Females can also apply if they do not want to or are not eligible for the AFCAT entry. This is for female candidates who want Ground Duty branches, the age limit must be 20-25 years. However, if a female candidate possesses a Ph.D. then the age limit is 27. A postgraduate degree with a minimum score of 50% in any course/stream/discipline is a must.

Indian Navy

  • For the Executive Branch: The following entries into various departments are available for the female candidates:

    A) SSC Air Traffic Controller: Female Candidates between the ages of 19 – 25 years can apply if they have completed either of the following:
    – Graduation in a science stream
    – MSc in Maths/Physics/Electronics

    B) SSC Observer: Female candidates who have graduated from any discipline are eligible to apply if they have pursued Maths and Physics during their 10+2. The age limit is between 19 -25 years.

    C) SC Law – Female candidates who are law graduates with a minimum aggregate of 55% can apply within the age limit of 22 – 27 years.

    D) SSC logistics – Female candidates who are B.E/B.Tech graduates in electronics/Computer Science/IT/Architecture/Civil/Electrical/Mechanical/ Marine Engineering or a graduate with a PG diploma in Material Management are eligible to apply. The age limit is between 19.5 and 25 years.
  • For the Engineering Branch: Various opportunities for career for female aspirants are also available in the engineering branch:

UES SSC (Naval Architecture)

Female aspirants with a degree in Naval Architecture/Mechanical/Civil/Aeronautical/Metallurgy/Aerospace engineering (with a minimum aggregate percentage of 60) are eligible to apply for the UES SSC if they are between the ages of 19 – 25.

SSC Naval Architecture:

Female aspirants with a degree in Naval Architecture/Mechanical/Civil/Aeronautical/Metallurgy/Aerospace engineering (with a minimum aggregate percentage of 60) are eligible to apply for the SSC Naval Architecture if they are between the ages of 21 – 25.

For Education Branches:
Female aspirants with a degree in electrical/electronics/computer science/IT/mechanical engineering or an M.Sc degree in maths/computer applications/Physics are eligible to apply for this branch if they are between the ages of 21 and 25.

Fighting for change

Even when the female students and aspirants have been given specific spaces in several branches of the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Forces, they have been kept away from the core branches, from becoming special officers at the forefront. Organizations, committees of lawyers, and activists have been constantly fighting for change so that even females can get admission in Boarding schools for NDA preparation to get the necessary training nut right now, it only seems like a long way ahead. 

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