Computer Lab


The Computer lab has latest application software to facilitate learning. Skilled staff having the latest knowledge of Computers is available for training the Students. The subject introduced as a “Socially Useful and Productive Work Experience” will enable them to get familiar with the usage and application of this versatile tool. Through a series of work oriented lessons young students are able to handle and operate the machine independently. Programmes are designed to test particular skills and knowledge and then direct the students to a learning phase depending on the individual results. The Computer lab has facilities for Multimedia Tools and Windows based Computer Education.

Language Lab


At New Public School we have a fully equipped English language laboratory from playway to grade tenth. We use Words worth Software. The syllabus is made according to the age and grade of the students. It’s a fun learning programme. The laboratory has 20 computers with headphones along and a projector to help students learn. Its an audio-visual learning. Individual/group Activities, discussions are a part of the learning process to help students with not only learning the language but also developing their personality, confidence and understanding.

The laboratory’s collection in the school is designed in a way, to assist learners in the comprehension, oral and written proficiency, and cultural awareness. The language laboratory offers broadcasting, television programmes, web-assisted materials and videotaped off-air recordings in the target language. In short, a learner can get the experience of having interaction with native speakers through the laboratory. Hence, the language laboratory has become the need of the hour in any language learning process for communication.

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