Director’s Message

The New Public School is a dream project of a noble lady-the Late S. H. Singh-who made it a real success story. She has built a great temple of education and learning with her passion, enthusiasm and unrelenting hard work. This could not have been possible without the support of many generous supporters and the ever helping residents of the City Beautiful. The school strives to help students grow taller by the sheer strength of knowledge and character acquired through aspiration, inspiration and perspiration, which all put together is also the ‘motto’ of the school. The main object is to develop the overall personality of the students in such a way that active participation at the State and National level forms a significant part of the school curriculum. New Publicans have always brought laurels in the field of academics, sports and co-curricular activities since it came into existence in 1960. Every year, our students get admission not only in good colleges in India but in prestigious institutions and universities abroad as well. Shakespeare has so rightly said ‘Character Is Destiny’. If you work hard, industriousness will become a trait of your character and you will be the master of your destiny.
-Mr. R. D. Singh

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